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Live updates: House Democrats to huddle about the accelerating Trump impeachment inquiry
Top State Department official expected to face questions about Ukraine and Giuliani
Russia patrolling between Turkish and Syrian forces after U.S. troops withdraw
Fact Checker: Trump inverts time and invents conversations to thwart impeachment
Third time was not the charm: Rudy Giuliani’s latest divorce is bitter, expensive and very public
LeBron James criticizes Daryl Morey’s decision to send controversial Hong Kong tweet
Survey finds evidence of widespread sexual violence at 33 universities
Trump’s ex-Russia adviser told impeachment investigators of Giuliani’s efforts in Ukraine
‘I sort of thrive on it’: Impeachment crisis shines spotlight on Trump’s state of mind
What the Democratic candidates have to do to win Tuesday’s debate
Staff accused of starting fight club using dementia patients
Five NFL contenders are already in trouble — and more early season takeaways
How aspiring models were pulled into an alleged sex trafficking scheme
‘Disruptive diplomat’ Gordon Sondland, a key figure in Trump impeachment furor, long coveted ambassadorship
Uber: The ride-hailing app that says it has ‘zero’ drivers
Trump says he will soon authorize order enabling sanctions on Turkey over its incursion into Syria
Listen: A stunning unraveling in Syria, Trump’s newest consultants and more
Trump says he will soon issue order authorizing sanctions on Turkey over its incursion into Syria
Fort Worth police officer who fatally shot woman in her own home has resigned, faces criminal charges, police say
NBC News chief calls Ronan Farrow’s book ‘a smear’ in lengthy new rebuttal
A hometown lawyer is suing the nation’s largest drug companies over the opioid crisis
Violent spoof video of Trump killing his critics shows how memes have reshaped politics
At Japan’s dolphin hunt, a struggle between local traditions and global anger
Research group that discounted risks of red meat has ties to program partly backed by beef industry
Male film critics praised ‘Joker.’ Here’s why female critics aren’t sold.
Her case opened the way for people with disabilities to reclaim their freedom. Now, her words open a book that could help countless more.


You’ve been reading charts wrong. Here’s how a pro does it.
Snot contains powerful sugars that tame germs
President Trump has made 13,435 false or misleading claims over 993 days
What you do on the Internet is worth a lot. Exactly how much, nobody knows.
Live updates: Trump renews call to unmask whistleblower
Fake video of Trump massacring media shown at his resort draws backlash
Lily Lines: Why your office might suit men better
3 share Nobel in economics for ‘experimental approach’ to solving poverty
Syrian troops enter towns in northeast as Erdogan warns of wider offensive
Trump doubles down on decision to withdraw troops from Syria, unswayed by top advisers
Mark Bradford is one of our era’s most important artists. But his largest impact lies off the canvas.
What men eat and drink may affect their babies’ health
What to do with expiring airline miles
Overzealous hospital policies may be hurting elderly patients
The Turkish assault in Syria could eradicate women’s hard-won rights
He went to nearly 100 doctors for a devastating illness. None of them knew the cause.
Autonomous shuttles in Northern Virginia suburb show why the future of robot cars might be slow
Tuesday’s debate: A moment of truth for Sanders
Five myths about Mike Pence
Trump faces bipartisan criticism for Syria withdrawal
Dementia and the risk from smartphones and computers
Typhoon death toll in Japan climbs to 35 after storm unleashes widespread flooding
Hunter Biden says he will resign from Chinese company board and won’t take foreign work if his father is president
Typhoon death toll in Japan spikes to 35, with 17 people missing, after storm unleashes widespread flooding
Protecting whistleblower’s identity is ‘our primary interest,’ Schiff says
Trump orders withdrawal of U.S. forces from northern Syria, days after Pentagon downplays possibility
Lots of Americans have a fear of flying. There are ways to overcome the anxiety disorder.
Photos: Beautiful fall color emerged over Alaska’s tundra after strange summer
Enhancing the value of a house with art


Hunter Biden to resign from board of Chinese firm
Simone Biles makes history with 24th world championship medal — the most for any gymnast
As Turkish-led forces advance, U.S. troops evacuate town, potentially marooning other U.S. soldiers
Fort Worth officer fatally shoots woman in her home while checking on an open front door
Billy Porter, Lin-Manuel Miranda and Woody Harrelson help SNL in Trumpless cold open
Turkish-led forces film themselves executing a Kurdish captive in Syria
Trump’s envoy who denied quid pro quo with Ukraine now says he isn’t certain
This trail-blazing suburb has tried for 60 years to tackle race. What if trying isn’t enough?
Arsonists are torching the Amazon. This elite team of firefighters stands in their way.
How two Soviet-born emigres made it into elite Trump circles — and the center of the impeachment storm
‘Not for Sale’: Residents of Florida city destroyed by hurricane cling to hope of rebuilding
When Obama endorsed this book, the author was as shocked as anyone
Chinese app on Xi’s ideology allows data access to 100 million users’ phones, report says
‘Redshirting’ your kindergartner: Is it the right choice in the long run?
U.S. forces say Turkey was deliberately ‘bracketing’ American troops with artillery fire in Syria
Impeachment has put Trump in a different place. He’s showing it every day.
One dead, 18 taken to a hospital after collapse at Hard Rock Hotel construction site in New Orleans
Steven Soderbergh says the cinema is still in a crisis. (But he’s making movies anyway.)
Free or discounted care is available at some hospitals. But they don’t make it easy.
Ellen DeGeneres, George W. Bush and the evolving dynamics of celebrity politics
No refugees allowed? Trump’s plan to give states and cities a veto prompts an outcry.
New research makes it harder to define death
An online warehouse gone rogue. Driverless cars, hijacked: Fiction that feels eerily possible.
Turkey battles Syrian Kurds for control of key border town 
Trump defends Giuliani amid reports of federal investigation
Democrats’ impeachment gamble paying off in court of public opinion — for now


Confessions made him the most prolific serial killer in U.S. history. But is he telling the truth?
Poor service? You still have to tip 20 percent, no matter what.
Retrofitting busy highways to let wildlife travel safely, too
A ‘Sesame Street’ character’s mom has an addiction. Experts say that’s a valuable lesson.
Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge just became the first marathon runner to break the 2-hour barrier
The top 15 Democratic presidential candidates of 2020, ranked and tiered
At least 1 dead as wildfire burns homes, prompts mandatory evacuations in Los Angeles
Japan advises 5 million people to evacuate homes as typhoon nears Tokyo
Impossible or Beyond? In the vegan burger wars, one is the clear winner
How Andy Cohen became the ringmaster of our insane celebrity circus
12 of the week’s best photos
Date Lab: Food critic Tom Sietsema is our guest matchmaker. Would these two pair excellently together?
Trump renews claim of absolute immunity in effort to block Manhattan D.A. probe
Warren’s same-sex marriage quip captures what some find exciting — and others distressing — about her
To fight Turkey, Syrian Kurdish forces abandon ISIS missions
Whatever happened to Jesse Pinkman? Thanks to ‘El Camino,’ now we know.
Trump says he’s replacing McAleenan as acting DHS secretary
Why Trump can’t stop all witnesses from testifying in Congress’s impeachment inquiry
Why Greta Thunberg didn’t win the Nobel Peace Prize
The backlash over Ocasio-Cortez’s haircut shows women can’t win when it comes to their appearance, experts say
Shepard Smith resigns from Fox News
New revelations about Trump test Pelosi’s narrow impeachment strategy
Matt Lauer and the problems with his ‘consensual sex’ defense
Dow surges 450 points as expectations grow for a U.S.-China trade deal
Listen: When school integration isn’t enough and Jane Fonda’s plan to protest inaction on climate change
U.S. to send nearly 2,000 troops to Saudi Arabia to boost defenses against Iran
Ex-envoy to Ukraine: Trump pressured State Dept. to remove her
Pedro Almodóvar’s ‘Pain and Glory’ shows the healing power of art


Court rules against Trump in fight over business records
Trump misleads and exaggerates to make his case against impeachment
Live updates: Impeachment inquiry rolls on with Yovanovitch testimony
Stabbing attack in northern England shopping mall leaves 5 injured
The growing debate over spaying and neutering dogs
The life of a Russian family with 13 adopted children
Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed
Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, who helped end standoff with Eritrea
Washington Mystics win first WNBA title with Game 5 defeat of Connecticut Sun
Trump asked Tillerson to help end U.S. prosecution of Turkish trader
Ronan Farrow overcame spies and intimidation to break some of the biggest stories of the #MeToo era
Terrorists are pitting neighbors against each other — and building a ‘safe haven’ in West Africa
Denver hit 83 degrees on Wednesday. Eight hours later, it snowed.
Eddie Murphy is back, baby, in the high-spirited ‘Dolemite Is My Name’
As a fitness instructor, I got in shape — and judged my body more than ever
We investigated the Watergate scandal. We believe Trump should be impeached.
A Facebook policy lets politicians lie in ads, leaving Democrats fearing what Trump will do
The Amber Guyger case has sparked emotional fallout across Dallas
California wildfire survivors now face a future of blackouts
At least four U.S. security officials raised alarms about Ukraine policy
Listen: How China called foul on American businesses, the rise of anti-Semitism in Germany and more
Trump travels to liberal Minneapolis for his first rally since the impeachment probe began
Thousands showed up for the funeral of a veteran with no family. Then the truth came out.
She learned to swim in her 50s. At 73, she’s defending her Ironman title.
We’ve talked to over 60 women about anxiety. Here’s what they told us.


Two business associates of Rudolph W. Giuliani have been arrested and are in custody
Live updates: Poll shows growing support for Trump’s ouster
Turkish forces push deeper into Syria as Kurds fight back
Peter Handke and Olga Tokarczuk win Nobel Prizes in literature
Nobel Prizes in literature awarded to Austrian author Peter Handke and Polish author Olga Tokarczuk
Trump defenders’ misleading claims about the House impeachment inquiry
Ousted Ukraine envoy expected to testify in impeachment probe, congressional aides say
‘Prepare for the Worst’: Inside a camp designed to survive the apocalypse
Local’s guide to Seoul: It’s old. It’s new. It’s constantly changing.
Maps: Fantastic fall foliage and where to find it
A battle inside Fox News: Tensions over impeachment fight roil the newsroom
One GOP target for Trump votes in Pennsylvania: The Amish
Want to live longer? Try getting a dog.
How to plan the perfect party
What the victims of the country’s most prolific serial killer had in common
Photographer’s book reveals the ‘boundaries that hover just beyond our sight’
Trump’s Syria decision tests limits of GOP support as he demands solidarity on impeachment
Trump’s broad claims of executive immunity lead to criticism he is acting above the law
Northern California faces massive power outage as PG&E hedges wildfire risk
Clinton-email critics pull a role reversal as Trump administration draws fire for private phone use
U.S. takes custody of two ISIS fighters accused of involvement in killings of American hostages
Kellyanne and George Conway’s tawdry love triangle with all of us
As ‘extreme’ fire threat ramps up, power is being cut to at-risk customers across California
Listen: How the White House is pushing back, a Nobel Prize for batteries and more
‘At a certain point, you just lose it:’ Passengers revolt and riot aboard Norwegian Spirit cruise ship
Defense Intelligence Agency employee charged with leaking classified information to journalists
Most Americans don’t know Facebook owns Instagram and WhatsApp, among other digital basics
The time for horse racing has passed. It’s time to outlaw it.
Matt Lauer accused of raping a former colleague in Ronan Farrow’s new book
California cuts power to more than 500,000 as high winds raise wildfire threat